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    How to wash you goalkeeper gloves

    How to wash you goalkeeper gloves

    If you’ve found yourself here, the chances are you’ve just played a tough game of football and your gloves are in need of a good clean. Well… you’ve come to the right place.

    There’s a couple of key things to remember when looking after your gloves:

    • Clean them when you take them out of the packaging… this will help strengthen the latex before you’ve even used them.
    • Wash them as soon as you can after each game to reduce the chance of the latex weakening quickly.

    gloveglu glove wash & prepare is perfect if you want to keep good care of your gloves as it washes and then prepares latex for enhanced longevity and performance for all types of goalkeeping gloves.

    Here’s how you wash your gloves properly:

    1. Spray the gloveglu wash & prepare onto the palm of each glove. We recommend to do this 4 to 6 times so all parts of the glove can face the spray.

    2. Whilst wearing them, rub the spray into the gloves. Make sure that you reach all the areas you want to clean! There’s no need to use a scrubber… your hands will do the job and protect the gloves!

    3. Wash the gloves under warm running water whilst continuing to rub together gently. Repeat these steps until you’ve got the results you want!

    4. Once you’ve got rid of all the dirt, soak and rinse the gloves in warm water. Gently squeeze out excess water.

    5. Last step...dry time! It’s always good to ensure your gloves are fully dry before using them again! Let them dry naturally away from direct sunlight. This will decrease the chance of the gloves losing natural moisture (basically increasing the longevity of the gloves). BOOM! Clean gloves all year round.