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    gloveglu & We Love Football Academy

    gloveglu & We Love Football Academy

    Throughout 2020, and beyond, gloveglu will support We Love Football Academy (WLFA) as its charity partner of choice.

    Taking disadvantaged children from the Cape Town Townships, WLFA aims to provide life skills, as well as football skills, for girls and boys and to create a pathway for the future for these children.

    The gloveglu support is based on two levels;

    Firstly a range of products carries the WLFA logo, and a donation from the proceeds of the sale of these products will go to support the charity.

    Secondly, to celebrate his 50th year, our CEO, Paul Sherratt, is embarking on a running challenge - running 5km a day for 50 days to £5k - to finish on his birthday.

    The combination of these activities looks set to raise a substantial sum for the charity over the coming years and we are excited to further develop our links and programmes to benefit the WLFA members.

    To find out more about We Love Football Academy click here 

    To make a donation, and support Paul's run, please visit 


    To follow his efforts on his 5 for 50 for 5 blog visit