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    This is the big one… our flagship products. Gloves tend to be one of two things…

    1. expensive with good, strong latex or
    2. cheap with poor, weak latex.

    Well... we wanted to solve that problem by offering a way to revive your old gloves and improve your new ones. The glovegluand gloveglu MEGAgrip enhance the grip of any goalkeeping glove with their unique formulas.

    The gloveglu and gloveglu MEGAgrip share the same concept. However, the MEGAgrip version is 25% stronger. We recommend for you to use the gloveglu on matchdays (or when you’re wearing your slightly newer gloves) and gloveglu MEGAgrip for training sessions (or when you’re using older and more worn gloves). Here’s how to use them correctly:

    1. Shake the bottle well. This will ensure that the formula is ready to do its work!

    2. Whilst wearing the gloves, spray 3 to 4 times onto each palm. Make sure to target the areas that are worn the most or parts you want to be extra grippy.

    3. Rub your palms together gently. Make sure the glu is rubbed in.

    4. We recommend that you leave to dry naturally - away from direct sunlight. However, keeping the spray by your side and topping up when required throughout training sessions and games isn’t an issue and won’t harm the gloves. 


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