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    We’ve all been there… after a fast paced hour and a half on the pitch or a tough training session, your gloves are likely to start smelling. You can’t control how much you sweat, but you can fight the smell - we’ve got you.

    Our glove fresh is all you need. Unlike a perfume based spray that simply masks a smell, the glove fresh works directly on the odour producing bacteria - eliminating them and the unpleasant smell. In fact… it’s scientifically proven to kill bacteria. Here's how to get the best results:

    1. Depending on the strength of the odour, spray into each glove 2 to 3 times. Make sure to hold the spray relatively close to your equipment to ensure it gets in!

    2. Allow for the gloves to dry naturally - away from direct sunlight. We like to hang our gloves up on a hanger to make sure they stay open!

    3. Repeat when necessary… your personal need to use glove fresh or will depend on the amount of times you use your gloves... but we recommend after each training session or game.

    Just thought we'd mention... this product works great on boots too! 

    By following these steps, it will:

    • help to keep your gloves smelling fresh
    • neutralise smells and bad odours and
    • kill germs and prevent infections


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